Fan Coil Unit Rehabilitation & Duct Cleaning

Why Refurbish a Fan Coil Unit?

It is widely suspected in the general public that people can develop allergies, asthma, and other conditions because of their air conditioning systems – but they miss the important information. They don’t realize that mold growth in the cooling coil, in the heart of the a/c system, is a major culprit. Furthermore, mold buildup within a/c systems, including the fan coil units found in condominiums is a universal occurrence. It is not limited to hot and humid climates.

The hygienic condition of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that serves an indoor space has a direct impact on the indoor air quality of that space. While many residents, building owners, and office managers are aware of the need for the mechanical maintenance of HVAC systems (i.e. making sure the heating and cooling components function as designed), less attention is paid to the hygienic maintenance of these systems (i.e. the cleaning/disinfection of interior unit components, and the replacement of damaged insulation).

The most common type of hygienic problems that we find in fan-coil units is:

damaged, deteriorated and/or moldy interior fibreglass insulation, which results in fibreglass fibers and mold spores being entrained into the airflow and distributed into the room air.

Under the moldy and/or deteriorated conditions described above, a full hygienic refurbishment  of fan coil unit is necessary, which includes:

removing, cleaning, disinfecting, and re-installing the blower motor assembly, HEPA vacuuming and disinfecting both the upstream and downstream sides of the cooling/heating coil, removing and replacing moldy and/or deteriorated fibreglass insulation inside the blower motor, cooling coil and air return and supply compartments, and cleaning/disinfecting the condensate and overflow pans.

Very few HVAC and mold remediation companies have the necessary skill set to perform this work, and they are mainly concerned with the functionality of the unit and not its hygienic condition.

The DH Condo Services Advantage

At DH Condo Services, we specialize in performing full hygienic refurbishments of fan-coil-type forced air heating and cooling units, and supply and return trunks/ducts that have become heavily impacted with dust/dirt and mold growth.

■ Using the high Technological equipment for duct cleaning from ” Abatement Technologies® designs and manufactures ” a complete line of portable air duct cleaning equipment and specialty cleaning tools for the professional contractor. Our powerful vacuums, high-volume air compressors and unique agitation devices deliver the cleaning performance and reliability you expect from the leader in duct cleaning technology.

■ Using Only Botanical Disinfectant in North America  Registered with Health Canada (DIN 0224274) “Benefect”® Botanical Disinfectant Kills Over 99.99% of Bacteria, Mould & Fungal Spores however there is no need to use a “Plastic Insulation method”.

■ Using Foster® 40-30™ Fungicidal Protective Coating guards against the re-growth and spread of odor causing bacteria and molds on the surface of the coated HVAC system or its treated components only. As a result, the building occupants may enjoy a work space free of the odor problems often associated with contaminated HVAC duct systems

HEPA filters are commonly used to control the spread of airborne mould spores in the industry, and has therefore been recommended to cover the fan-coil exhaust grilles. it should be noted that this may reduce air-flow from these grilles.